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Canada is seeing some worrying trends when it comes to COVID-19 virus variant cases, according to the country's top doctor. 

In a press conference on April 9, Dr. Theresa Tam revealed that the number of variant of concern cases reported has more than doubled in the last week. 

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You may be asking yourself, "When will COVID-19 end in Canada?" While there's no exact date, Dr. Theresa Tam is looking forward to us having social lives again by the fall.

During an update, the country's top doctor said it's about data and not dates but COVID-19 vaccines will "play a key role" in when we can start getting back to the way we were before the pandemic.

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As we're still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam has some words of hope for the country because of vaccines.

The country's top doctor tweeted about the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic being declared and reflected on what's happened since January 2020 including cases, deaths and virus variants.

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If you've been wondering when will COVID-19 end, there's no definite date, but Dr. Theresa Tam said that we can reduce the need for strong restrictions by September.

During a press conference, she noted that vaccines play a key role in the return to the life that we once knew because when more people are vaccinated, a resurgence is less likely.

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There's been another Canada COVID-19 update from Dr. Theresa Tam, and virus variants have completely changed Canada's long-term forecast.

The first forecast included in the Public Health Agency of Canada's new modelling data, released on February 19, doesn't include variants at all.

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