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A man in Tampa, Florida was arrested on October 1 for robbing a woman of her wallet, however, he added to his charge when he attempted to make a great escape.

According to the Tampa Police Department, a 32-year-old man, Dewayne Dean, stole the woman's wallet in the parking lot of a hotel located on N. Westshore Blvd. He then fled the scene, which started a pretty intense chase.

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Le CH aura finalement mordu la poussiÚre et l'équipe reviendra bredouille à Montréal, au grand dam de ses, qui ont largement célébré lors des derniers matchs. Or, Nikita Kucherov du Lightning de Tampa Bay n'a pas hésité à se moquer d'elleux lors d'une conférence de presse post-victoire de la finale de la Coupe Stanley.

Pour, la scÚne était digne d'un sketch du Bye Bye, alors qu'on y voit le Russe torse nu, avec une canette de biÚre à la main, répondre aux questions des journalistes, mercredi le 7 juillet.

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When you think back to the good ol' days of being a kid again, you might remember a little board game that brought you joy. You'd wander through the Gumdrop Mountain and the Peppermint Forest to come toe-to-toe with Princess Lollypop on your way to the Candy Castle, where King Kandy awaited your sweet victory. You can relive the splendor of Candyland at Beans & Barlour this weekend — and they have some tasty treats ready for you.

At what they're calling the Candyland Costume Party, Beans & Barlour will host a wonderland of sweets this Saturday, February 8, 2020.

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While October and the spooky season are still quite a ways away, there's a special group of us out there that are always searching for horror throughout the year. Whether your heart is filled with a love of dread or you're simply seeking some thrill, you'll want to add this haunted house experience in Florida to your list. And it's gonna be scarier than your last relationship.

Located on I-4 in Plant City, you'll find the dreadful dealings of extremely scary experiences at Premier Fear Park — a collaboration effort by Ominous Descent and Sir Henry's Haunted Trail.

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Donuts and beer, beer and donuts — has there ever been a more delicious, guilty-pleasure pairing? Probably, but this one is pretty darn indulgent, too. And you can join the decadent, shameless revelry this May at a massive food festival in Tampa Bay.

The Tampa Bay Donut Fest will be the ultimate Sunday Funday, with tons of stuff to do.

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