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Have you ever looked out the window of a plane before takeoff and spotted duct tape on the wings?

We don't blame you if that makes you feel a little uneasy, but that's not actually duct tape -- and apparently, that stuff is used more often than you think.

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Since you've most likely been stuck inside of your house for most of the year, it's fair to crave a little bit of change. Being confined to four walls can get pretty boring, so why not jazz them up?

If you're looking for a fun way to add some excitement to your home, there are tons of trendy and easy paint decor ideas you can do yourself!

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There are a few different ways to safely secure something to your car, but unfortunately, duct tape is not one of them. 

Peel police had to explain this to a driver who was recently caught driving down the road with a dresser taped to the top of his car.

The officers took to Twitter to share photos of the incident.

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