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A Toronto TikToker goes to the U.S. to visit Trader Joe's and Target every month, and she grabs so many things that you can't get in Canada.

Tara Michelle, a TikToker and YouTuber, posted a couple of videos on social media to share how she gets access to treats and home decor that many other Canadians wish they had.

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It's no secret that the U.S. has so many retail stores to choose from when it comes to affordable and stylish options.

One of those American shops Canadians wish they had is Target. But you won't have to keep dreaming for much longer because this TikToker shares a hack you probably didn't know about.

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Target is a shopper's wonderland and the coolest and newest finds are best found by walking around and seeing for yourself...but don't worry, this Instagram account will do that for you.

Targetdoesitagain is the best place to find all of the actual cutest things being sold at Target right now that you won't necessarily see advertised front and center on their website or anywhere else.

And while there are plenty of Target-themed Instagram accounts, this one is the original source AND the best.

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Target is randomly selling a bunch of new Christmas-themed "Star Wars" merchandise in their holiday section and none of it is being advertised anywhere yet. 

You can get "The Child" holiday chocolates, a bunch of tree ornaments (hello porgs, nice to see you again), a plush Chewbacca in a Santa hat, and a bunch more.

To find it, you either have to search for it very specifically on their website ("Star Wars holiday") or visit a Target in person (!!) because not all the little holiday trinkets are always listed on the store's website, historically.

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