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Happy "Friday Jr." — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

Off The Top: Ever think about booking two seats on a packed airplane just to give yourself a little extra room? Well, don't do it; as one flight attendant explains, when the airline sees the empty seat beside you, they're just going to sell it to someone on standby. Also, who can afford to book an extra seat these days, period?

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Thinking about getting an animal tattoo?

If you’re not sure about that eagle or snake idea that you bookmarked on Instagram, we’re here to tell you that it’s not crazy.

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson didn't last long enough to hit the one-year mark, but their recent breakup means he might be living with Kim K tattoos longer than he lived with the woman herself.

Davidson has a history of impulsively getting tattoos dedicated to his current girlfriend, and he reportedly got four different Kardashian-related tats before their nine-month relationship ended.

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Sandman star Mason Alexander Park says they were so delighted to play Desire in the new Netflix series that they got multiple tattoos to mark the occasion — and they can't wait to add more in the future.

"I was just blown away by even having the opportunity to experience something like this," Park told Narcity.

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Pete Davidson loves getting tattoos of the women he's dating, but with Kim Kardashian, he went the extra mile.

Davidson actually got Kardashian's name branded on his chest after they started dating, according to the reality star. She told Ellen DeGeneres recently that Davidson got himself branded with a hot iron, because he wanted something even more permanent than a tattoo.

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