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If you want to feel small, just sit for a moment and really soak in the new photo from NASA and the James Webb Space Telescope.

Scientists recently brought the world's new super-powerful telescope online, and on Monday night, they shared its very first full-colour photo of the universe.

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NASA's legendary Hubble Space Telescope is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, and it decided to give us some pretty awesome gifts.

The space organization announced that it will be releasing dozens of newly processed images of different galaxies and stars across the universe, all of which can be seen from a backyard telescope.

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There have been radio bursts from space detected for years and now a Canadian telescope helped astronomers figure out what's causing them to happen.

According to papers published in Nature, the likely cause of this is magnetars.

A magnetar is one type of neutron star that has an even stronger magnetic field than a typical neutron star which is already trillions of times stronger than Earth's.

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