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Donald Trump's time as president of the United States is coming to an end in just nine days, but some are jumping the gun on the official announcement.

It now seems someone decided to make the call early and declare Trump's presidency over on Monday.

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Want to know what your fellow Canucks were searching on the world wide web this year? Well, thanks to Google's top Canada trending searches, we have some answers.

The information giant revealed what definitions Canadians sought out during 2020 and in case you missed the memo leave it to us to define them for you.   

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Everyone is probably familiar with the fact that people in Canada say "eh" a lot. However, they may not know about some of the other Canadian slang found throughout the country. It can even be wildly different depending on the province.

From the east coast to the west, Canucks have come up with plenty of their own regional slang variations. Have you ever had a run-in with a coastie? How about a sourdough? With so many terms across the nation, There's definitely enough to fill hundreds of Sobeys bags.

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It's only two days into November and already there is an extreme forecast for the east coast. A weather bomb in Canada is expected to hit the Maritimes today and could be bringing some dangerous conditions. That includes wind gusts that could cause structural damage.

While the term "weather bomb" may just sound like an intense way of describing a bad storm, it is actually a legitimate term in meteorology.

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The struggle of going back to school is real. Those first few weeks always take some getting used to. Lectures paired with chapters and chapters of reading can get boring pretty quick.

Not all classes are boring though! Study abroad programs offer the opportunity to learn while travelling the world and having insane experiences. Check out the programs and see just what craziness the world has to offer!

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