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terry fox statue

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Last weekend, a so-called “Freedom Convoy” of truckers flooded the streets of Ottawa with a mandate of fighting for all Canadians' freedoms. Claiming to be 50,000-strong, the truckers and their supporters have been adamant in proclaiming they are not a “fringe minority,” as characterized by Prime Minister Trudeau.

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Photos and videos appearing to show Ottawa's Terry Fox statue and Tomb of The Unknown Soldier being "appropriated" and "disrespected" have surfaced online during the ongoing Freedom Convoy protests.

A viral image, shared via Twitter, shows a statue of Terry Fox with an upside-down Canadian flag and a placard that read, “MANDATE FREEDOM.”

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Police in Ottawa are urging the public to report any "threats or hate motivated incidents" amid the Freedom Convoy in Canada, which has caused thousands of people to gather in the capital's downtown core.

Since Friday, January 28, truckers and other protesters have been arriving in Ottawa to voice their concerns around COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Canada.

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