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When we think of urban cities that attract younger residents, we might picture places like Los Angeles or New York City. However, a recent survey proves that the newest generations have different interests that can make these metropolitan areas less ideal for their needs.

According to a study by Peek & Cloppenburg, an international chain of department stores, Texas takes the first two spots for the best cities for Gen Z in the U.S. Austin made it to first place while Houston falls just behind.

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With the purpose of selecting designer purses that describe different Texas cities, an Austin local assigned this accessory to various Lone Star State locations based on the bag models he has spotted most frequently in each place.

TikTok user @newmanparkerr chose eight destinations and appointed a designer purse to each one of them. Houston was the only metro area that got two bags.

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It may only be January, but so many artists have already either released new music or announced that it's coming very soon in 2020. This is even the case for Drake and Future, who have actually had their newest song together, leaked. The leaked Drake and Future song gives endless shout outs to Texas cities.

Drake and Future's upcoming album, What a Time to Be Alive 2, is set to be released sometime in 2020.

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