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The "turf war" is a never ending debate in Toronto.  This list is basically a look at why Toronto's West end is so great, and if you don't agree you can check out this article.

I'll admit, we don't have Church street or the beautiful view from Riverdale park, but we do have a crazy good music scene, High Park, and tons of other cool things to make up for it.

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After we all turned the ripe age of 19 (or earlier for the sneaky ones), we were shuffled into the world of sticky clubs. With expectations high from our favourite shows and movies (ahem… Sex and the City) we anticipated a space of dance expression and an abundance of hotties. What were given is the sweat levels of a girl's locker room after P.E. fitness testing, coupled with the smoky ambience of EDM music galore.

No matter how large your awkward girls circle is in the middle of the dance floor, no butt is safe from the creepy wave of acceptance that clubs give to touching strangers. It's a sad day when we come to realize that clubs are just a much larger and more expensive frat party.

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Toronto is famously referred to as one of the most diverse cities in the world for having a significantly multicultural population. But multiculturalism isn’t the only aspect that makes Toronto diverse - it also has a particularly heterogenous neighbourhood landscape. In fact, it has been coined “the city of neighbourhoods” because it has so many characteristic subdistricts.

Each neighbourhood in Toronto has its own unique history. A few of them have rather peculiar names that are intriguing and raise curiosity. Here are 12 Toronto neighbourhoods and the history behind their names:

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You've probably been hearing a lot over the past year or so about the Junction. Most of what you've been hearing is that it's up-and-coming, that it's a hip new place to hang out, and that you'll soon be spending a lot of your weekends there. I'm hear to tell you that the people who have been saying these things are wrong. None of them have ever lived in the Junction, and they don't know what they're talking about. So, as someone who had been living in that 'hood up until a month ago, I can break it down for you.

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