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Would you do the right thing if you woke up one day and found hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account — or would you spend it all as fast as possible?

An Australian rapper has admitted to going with the latter option and blowing through roughly AU $750,000 of a couple's misdirected house payment, The Mirror reports.

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Is it still considered grand theft auto if you're stealing golf carts? Well, someone's about to find out.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Lennox and Addington County officers are in need of public assistance following the theft of several golf carts from a country club in Bath.

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If you ordered from TasteT House on UberEats and never got your order on June 6, you may want to hold off on leaving a bad review because it may not have been the store's fault. The store's Uber tablet might have just been missing.

TasteT House is a bubble tea shop in Toronto with several locations. On Monday night, their Toronto Metropolitan University location, found inside of the Basil Box on Yonge Street faced a bizarre theft.

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A City of Ottawa councillor says people are trying to steal generators in his ward as about 45,000 hydro users still have no power.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 25, Keith Egli said he received information about people who were "looking to snatch generators" in his ward of Knoxdale-Merivale in Ottawa.

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Craving some fast food after a couple of drinks is not out of the ordinary, but jumping over a fast-food counter instead of waiting for your order definitely is.

Waterloo Regional Police arrested an 18-year-old man from Etobicoke after he jumped a serving counter at a fast-food restaurant and filmed himself eating food in the "employee-only area," according to a press release.

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