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private island rentals in Canada

These seven listings are available if you're looking for an escape, or you can add them to your bucket list for whenever you feel comfortable travelling.

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Travel restrictions may be keeping us at home right now, but that isn’t stopping Canadians from daydreaming about adventures and adding new destinations to our bucket lists.

Narcity has found out Canada's most wishlisted Airbnbs in every province and territory and it seems travellers are looking for different experiences depending on where in the country they’re staying.

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If you're dreaming about your next vacation, these spots offer some major inspiration. 

The most popular Ontario Airbnbs were just revealed to Narcity, and you'll probably want to book them all.

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Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? Then it is time to plan a road trip to one of these cheap cabins in Ontario.

Once the snow arrives is one of the most spectacular times to go to a cottage. Unlike at your tiny apartment, you can enjoy the crisp air and some outdoor fun away from the crowds.

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It may be the chilliest time of the year, but you'll always be cozy and warm at these places.

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