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Tim Hortons is larger-than-life famous in Canada, but one Ontario woman decided to make it tiny.

Briar Nielsen, an Ontario creator specializing in tiny furniture and home accessories, took a stab at making miniature Tim Hortons products and posted her microscopic process on TikTok.

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They say the best things come in small packages and this tiny home for sale in Ontario could not be a better example. 

This 28-foot "beachy and boho" tiny home on wheels, called The Bear Den, is adorable inside and out. 

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Travel restrictions may be keeping us at home right now, but that isn’t stopping Canadians from daydreaming about adventures and adding new destinations to our bucket lists.

Narcity has found out Canada's most wishlisted Airbnbs in every province and territory and it seems travellers are looking for different experiences depending on where in the country they’re staying.

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The carpenter behind Toronto's tiny shelters has put out a video statement after the city announced plans to legally prevent him from making more.

Khaleel Seivwright said the city should drop the legal proceedings and use its time and resources to help Toronto's homeless population instead.

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Owning your first home is more affordable than you might expect. These six tiny houses in Ontario are for sale, and all of them are under $60,000.

With the current sky-high prices, owning your first home might feel like something out of your budget. But if you are dreaming of owning your first place, we have good news.

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