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Someone on Reddit posted a picture of their receipt from a Toronto restaurant and users were not happy with what they saw.

At the bottom of a receipt from a Toronto restaurant, where the person ordered perogies and a beverage, there was a bold statement directed at customers paying their bill.

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How much have you been tipping in Canada recently? If you've been leaving behind a little more when dining out, you're apparently not the only one!

New research from Restaurants Canada has found that, on average, 44% of Canadians are now leaving higher gratuities than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tipping culture in Toronto is quite a conversation starter, especially when you express your views on Reddit and a whole swarm of comments comes flying in.

Someone on Reddit posted a comment about the "most offensive tipping options" they've come across, and over 1,000 people responded in the thread.

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