tipping game

Tipping has become a much-fraught topic of conversation in Toronto, especially as more places have begun asking for tips outright, and many customers feel nervous about how to navigate the etiquette around it.

If this is you, don't worry — you're not alone.

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Tipping culture in Toronto is quite a conversation starter, especially when you express your views on Reddit and a whole swarm of comments comes flying in.

Someone on Reddit posted a comment about the "most offensive tipping options" they've come across, and over 1,000 people responded in the thread.

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Servers typically earn their tips by serving you at a restaurant — so is it fair to make them play a risky game for their cash?

Tiktok users can't seem to get behind one woman's approach to tipping, after she proudly shared a video of herself playing a Russian roulette-style game with her server's tip.

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