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Someone on Reddit posted a picture of their receipt from a Toronto restaurant and users were not happy with what they saw.

At the bottom of a receipt from a Toronto restaurant, where the person ordered perogies and a beverage, there was a bold statement directed at customers paying their bill.

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Nothing gets Americans or Canadians worked up like a debate about tipping culture, and one TikToker has stoked that fire with her take on a "minimum" tip.

TikToker Lexi Hill posted a video bashing restaurants for suggesting a minimum tip option of 18%, saying that it's "just too much" in some cases.

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If you've ever hesitated over typing in a gratuity while paying, you're not alone.

How much you should tip in Canada for certain services can be a tricky subject, and even knowing when it is or isn't appropriate to leave a gratuity can sometimes be murky.

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An ex-fast food worker on TikTok is spilling all the tea about tipping culture at restaurants, and it turns out those iPad prompts are just as embarrassing for staff as they are for customers.

The video came out just a few days after another viral clip about tipping, which mocked the Square payment app for putting people in an awkward spot at restaurants.

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