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Gotta get down on Friday, am I right Toronto? The weekend is finally here so relax, unwind, take a load off and prepare for February since it's right around the corner!

How is January almost over? It's easy to lose track of the days in the winter, so if you've been behind on your new year's resolutions this weekend is the time to step up your game! Try something new or just have fun, it's time to make the most of your weekend!

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Happy Friday, Toronto! Let's start planning your weekend.

Every weekend in Toronto is packed with festivals, events, and opportunities for fun, and this mid-July weekend is no exception.

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In the summer, people generally free up more time for fun. This is especially true for a Canadian city like Toronto, where people are looking for every opportunity to take advantage of the summer weather and fill it with activities.

Here's where you come in. Capitalize on a guaranteed guest list and plan a killer party for your friends that they wouldn't dare to flake out on! Here are 11 party concepts and ideas to plan for this summer:

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