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The 42-year-old Kitchener woman who set a fire inside the Sunrise Centre Walmart last month "pleaded guilty" to arson on October 26.

The woman's defence lawyer, Hal Mattson, told Narcity she "pleaded guilty to the arson at the Walmart" and that "her position is that she was in a blackout state from alcohol consumption."

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It's happening again. As the second wave of COVID-19 knocks on our country's door there's a fear that more empty shelves in Canadian stores will follow suit.   

Back in March, Canadians were in for a wake-up call when people went into a buying frenzy of unhinged panic shopping.

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There’s simply no limit to the Club Z nostalgia. After the final two Ontario Zellers locations closed their doors for good this past January, we thought we’d never hear from the iconic retail store again. But, just when we needed it most, a satirical Zellers Twitter account emerged to brighten our TLs this weekend.

Zellers is one of many Canadian retail stores to leave us before we were ready to say goodbye.

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