Winter is finally over, which means it is time to ditch your parka. But if you need more spring clothes, you'll want to check out these Ontario sales.

You can take advantage of extra savings right now on basics like tees and shoes. So many retailers have massive deals for a limited time with markdowns up to 70%.

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If you ever wanted to experience the surreal beauty of a jungle, this Florida park has your covered. Tree Tops Park near Miami is a labyrinth of unique trees and maze-like boardwalks. This Florida wonder is a magical place to explore, and you can experience it all for under $2.

Nestled just outside the hustle and bustle of urban South Florida, the mostly marshland Tree Tops Park is a haven for those craving a relaxing day within the region's wondrous nature.

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There's just something about people who grew up in East Vancouver. Maybe it has something to do with the natural aroma of weed thats always in the air. Or maybe it's the fact that they are just so damn proud of where they are from, whatever it is, I dig it.

I am a very proud East Van resident for many reasons. East Van is culturally diverse, its residents know more about Vancouver history then anyone and they celebrate that by hosting street festivals and various to showcase cultures and artists from around the world. East Van is also the neighbourhood of choice for many talented young artists, not to mention the cheaper rent makes it a pretty desirable place to live.

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