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Being mistaken for Amber Heard's sister may have been a perk a year ago, but as the divide between Depp and Heard's supporters grows, the family discount is not looking too hot.

Whitney Heard, a Toronto-based photographer, has no association with Amber Heard other than the fact that they share a name with the actress's sister. But, Whitney says they've been spammed with hateful messages over the past few weeks.

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It's not everyday that Toronto graces the pages of an international, world-renowned magazine, but when we do, nobody can deny that we're "irresistible" and sexy as hell. 

National Geographic exoticized our concrete jungle to show how alluring we really are in a new travel feature called "Irresistible Toronto", with one of their notable photographers, Dina Litovsky, snapping photos of the city. 

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With the Internet around, things can spread like rapid fire. Well what about a career that could spread at the same speed thanks to our lovely little friend called social media? So I decided to try out what it's like living the life of a Toronto Instagram model for a day (or just a few hours). 

So how did this start exactly? Well it's quite simple, just create an Instagram account with a catchy blog name and handle. I decided to name mine @servinglooks_to because I knew the goal of my blog was to focus on fashion. Regardless, I knew I'd be serving up some model-esque looks so I decided to cut straight to the chase in my blog title. 

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Last year, Human Development Professor and Researcher Brian Ogolsky from the University of Illinois completed a study which can basically predict the failure or success of your relationship.

Alarmingly, Ologsky's research has determined that only four different types of relationships exist, and just one of which actually work out!

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If you've got fishbowl fever or just desperately need one more summery pic for this season, head on over to one of these Toronto bars and scoop up a triple-XL cocktail that's totally insta-worthy!

Check out our list of Toronto's largest cocktails for deets on where you can guzzle down today at happy hour.

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