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Treat yo' self is a rule I pretty much live by. Bad day? Treat yo' self! Good day? Treat yo' self! Literally just bored? TREAT YO' SELF! Cause you know what? You're freaking worth it.

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With the cost of housing and land in Toronto and surrounding areas, it's hard to believe that right in the middle of Mississauga sits 200 acres of unused land.

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It's that time of year again...and no I'm not talking about the holidays. Grammy noms are in, people!

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Sometimes we all need a little uncertainty in our life. Too often do we get stuck in the daily routine of every day life, just going through the motions. And then, even when it is time to finally go on vacay, it is a perfectly planned step by step, with no surprises and little adventure. Which is what Jubel is here to help with.

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Who doesn't love spending quality time with their animals? Unfortunately many restaurants and cafes in Toronto won't let you tag them along because they're not pet friendly.

Instead of leaving your pooch behind, why not take them to a place that welcomes pets? Here's a list of 5 pet friendly cafes you have to check out in Toronto:

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