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Dating in the city is exceptionally hard. Whether you're trying to find a new bae on Tinder, Bumble or just at The Warehouse on a Friday night, it's easy to feel alone in a city with millions of people. You dream of the days where you could brunch at Peter Pan and spend date night at the AGO.

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Let’s face it, Toronto fvckgirls are just as prominent as the fvckboys in this city. You may find one sitting across from you on the TTC or so conveniently on your timeline. Whether you’re trying to talk to a Toronto fvckgirl, you happen to be friends with one, or you are guilty of being a Toronto fvckgirl yourself, there are a few things that emphasize what it means to be a fvckgirl from the Sixside.

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The holiday season is finally here! And what better way to celebrate than with another festive Christmas market!

No matter what you celebrate, the winter holidays are a special time of year where the weather gets low but everyone's spirits remain high. Lights, decorations, special winter treats, presents, the list goes on, and no place encompasses all those things quiet as great as a holiday market. Which is why we're SO excited that Nathan Phillips Square is getting it's own Holiday, and that its opening today!

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If you love UofT, you're lying to yourself. I mean, do you really love it? If you're a first year froshie, I'll allow your sweet naiveté towards the shallow darkness of post-secondary realities. But if your heart still yearns after second semester, you are truly exceptional *claps hands in admiration*. Yes, it's pretty. Yes, having an excessive amount of work makes you feel like Rory Gilmore. And yes, you're proud to go there. But just because it's nice to look at and makes you feel smart doesn't mean you have a stable relationship. Don't forget about all the bad times, the cold professors, impossible amount of work, intolerable pressure etcetera.

Don't get me wrong, it probably doesn't get any easier than this, but every UofT student has thought at least a few of these 40 things.

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Toronto is known for being home to many things: the CN Tower, Drake, ketchup chips and the list goes on. But the Toronto fashion scene seems to be under the radar. N.Y.C. and L.A. tend to get the most recognition for cool shops, but the streets of T.O. also offer a bountiful array of boutiques. Believe it or not, we don't only wear parkas and TNA leggings.

Certain Canadian brands such as Aritizia and Lululemon have garnered worldwide recognition, but Toronto is drawing more attention to it's own shopping culture. Whether you're looking for hard to access international brands or introducing more local pieces into your wardrobe, this list will help you narrow down your search:

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