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Canadians spend a lot of time on their couches. It's the cozy spot where we lounge after a long day or relax and binge-watch our favourite TV shows.

In a lot of ways, sofas are the centrepieces of our homes, so choosing the right one for you and your lifestyle can feel like a big deal. You want something that's comfortable, affordable and — perhaps most importantly — easy to move so you don't have to wrestle it through your doors and hallways. 

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Calling all Tim Hortons fans! Roll Up The Rim 2021 is officially on the horizon but it’s going to look totally different this year.

The coffee company has already revealed several changes to the annual contest, including a name change, the complete removal of physical cups and even more prizes than ever before.

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Canada is a big country, which means there are all sorts of weird Canadian laws, bylaws and rules in effect in different regions.

In fact, so many cities, provinces and territories have their own set of totally random regulations that don’t necessarily apply elsewhere.

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To all the Canadians taking this time to upgrade their place, one local brand out there is looking to help you spruce up your decor and make your house or apartment a home.

Wazo Furniture, a Canadian company with stores in both Toronto and Montreal, offers one-of-a-kind furniture at affordable prices.

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With fall in full swing, it's time to appreciate the colour that Ontario has to offer. If you're itching to celebrate the season outside of the city, there are plenty of secret spots near Toronto that you can discover. 

You don't have to drive for hours to try something new.

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