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With our sights set on the summer ahead, it's no surprise that we're starting to find ourselves preoccupied with daydreams of sunshine, beach days, road trips, and of course, ice cream. Summer just wouldn't be the same without the existence of towering soft serve cones loaded with everything imaginable that more often than not give us massive tummy aches. But hey, we're all still living that YOLO life aren't we?

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From the outside looking in, Saskatchewan is known as that one place in Canada that is either really flat or super cold all the time. Both of those perceptions aren't far from the truth, but I really think it underestimates how great life on the prairies truly is. Saskatchewan isn't the mecca for all things Canadian but it is most certainly a place that deserves serious recognition.

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Ahhh, summer. That time of the year where we feel totally shameless about drinking a lot of booze, wearing minimal amounts of clothing, and spending all the money we don't have on things like music festivals. I mean, is there really any other way to make the most of the summer?

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I don't think there's anything people in Saskatchewan enjoy more than getting outdoors during the summer months. For us, they're pretty short lived so that means we have to bask in all the glory of adventuring and exploring around the prairies before the weather takes a drastic mood swing and cramps our mood for traveling anywhere relatively far away from the comforts of home.

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Planning a trip doesn't always have to mean getting on a plane and taking off somewhere across the world. As much as we'd all love to do that, we don't always have the time and or cash to make something like that happen but there's plenty of opportunities to create adventures that are close to home.

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