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With air travel in Canada being incredibly expensive and currently disorganized and crowded, you might be thinking your travel plans to the United States are on hold.

But, if you're down to take the scenic route, there are plenty of trains between the United States and Canada, offered by Amtrak, that can get you to where you want to go.

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All aboard! Getting around Canada is a lot easier when there are cheap VIA Rail train tickets available, and some one-way trips start at just $50.

Travelling domestically can often mean an expensive flight or hours and hours of driving.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Some LAPD officers are being hailed as heroes after pulling an injured pilot from a plane wreck moments before an oncoming train smashed through it.

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Do you love going up North to your cottage for a relaxing weekend but hate driving there?

Ontario Northland is testing out a new train that will take passengers from Toronto all the way to North Bay.

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Après des abandons de Varda, Claude, Lysandre, Emmanuel, et le choix de ne pas essayer la rédemption de Maxime, les fans de Big Brother Célébrités commençaient à avoir vraiment hâte de voir de l'action. 

C'est finalement deux mois après la première de la téléréalité qu'il y a enfin de gros rebondissements avec le choix de Kevin d'aller contre son alliance pour sauver Camille, et la victoire de cette dernière pour le Patron de la Maison (PM).

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