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It turns out you don't need a big budget to give your apartment an upgrade — almost all of these Dollarama and Dollar Tree items cost just $1.25.

I went to just a couple of locations around Toronto and my haul came out to $19.25 before tax. I picked up polaroid string lights, a message board, a jewelry holder, a basket, a frame, candles and more.

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It is time to go on a shopping haul without breaking the bank. We are sharing 11 things you won't believe you can get at the Dollar Tree in Canada.

Dollar stores can be seriously underrated, and actually carry a wide variety of items you wouldn't expect. So we journeyed to a local Dollar Tree in Ottawa for a look at all the items you regularly buy, but for $1.50 or less.

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Every year when the holidays come around, Justin Trudeau's family goes all out and these photos show just how much they love the season!

Whether they're dressing up in festive outfits, sharing their Christmas cards, wrapping themselves in string lights or taking tree decor to new heights, the Trudeaus sure know how to celebrate.

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This year, Justin Trudeau's family is once again taking Christmas tree decorating to new heights just to get the tree topper on it.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau posted a photo on Instagram on December 19 of her husband balancing their youngest kid on his shoulders as little Hadrien puts the star on top of the tree.

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