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A woman was killed by an umbrella while visiting the beach with her friend in South Carolina, in a freak accident caused by a strong gust of wind.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

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We've got some answers and even more questions about The Umbrella Academy's Season 3 after a new Instagram post today.

On Tuesday, February 16, Canadian actor Elliot Page revealed the show was filming its third season — and he dropped an interesting photo with the announcement, too. 

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The purse is like the "icing on the cake" when it comes to fashion rules. It shows your own fashion style with a touch of colour or simply an outright element of your outfit. Some girls like it small to bring only the essentials... I prefer a big one so I can put what's necessary to function and add things during the day (cause you never have enough stuff in your bag).

Whether you like it small or big, what's in your bag is very illustrative of who you are as a person. Wallet and phone are of course inevitable for independent woman of the 21st century. What else do we need?

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Vancouverites chill with the best of them, but just because we are so laid-back it doesn't mean we don't have standards. In fact, it really takes a lot of practice to be this cool.

While a few of these things seem completely obvious to some of you,  if you wanna sit with us, here is a little advice.

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