You might not know it but a lot of stores in Canada offer deals on products and purchases that are so simple and easy to get.

Just by signing up for a retailer's mailing list, you can get a discount instantly delivered to your inbox or messages app so you don't have to wait for a sale.

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Fall sweaters are a staple for the cozy season, and it is about time to start stocking up.

The air is getting crisper, and as cooler weather approaches, you're going to want an oversized sweater to snuggle up with on the couch and to pair with your cutest fall boots.

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Calling all shoppers! UNIQLO is officially opening its first location in Ottawa and you'll be able to visit so soon.

The global Japanese retailer is slated to open at the CF Rideau Centre in June 2023. This is the brand's first new store opening in Canada this year and the very first location to open in Ottawa.

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Would you do the right thing if you woke up one day and found hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account — or would you spend it all as fast as possible?

An Australian rapper has admitted to going with the latter option and blowing through roughly AU $750,000 of a couple's misdirected house payment, The Mirror reports.

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Le populaire détaillant de vêtements UNIQLO, qui a ouvert son tout premier magasin de la province cet automne, à Montréal, sera également présent sur la Rive-Nord. Dès le printemps 2021, les habitants de Laval pourront aller y magasiner. 

C'est ce qu'a appris Narcity par voie de communiqué. 

Le UNIQLO de Laval s'installera au populaire Carrefour Laval juste à temps pour que tu puisses te préparer à l'arrivée de l'été 2021.  

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