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Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than getting to your destination, ready to relax and unwind, only to realize none of your stuff made it with you.

By now, the most experienced travellers have mastered the age-old trick of carrying the necessities, including a change of clothes or two, in their carry-ons, just in case they find themselves in this trip-ruining predicament. But there’s another way to avoid dealing with the lost baggage headache—knowing which airlines are most likely to mishandle your luggage and understanding their lost and damaged baggage policies just in case.

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It was good vibes all around from Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden after a meeting between the two on Tuesday afternoon.

The two world leaders met back in 2016 when Biden was vice president, and it's clear that their friendship hasn't lessened since then.

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According to a new ranking of the world’s least corrupt countries, you can rely on Canada to be pretty trustworthy!

The latest Corruption Perceptions Index report has found Canada to be in the top 11 when it comes to trustworthiness, while the United States ranks in the top 25.

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President Joe Biden is looking to make the United States government just a little more environmentally friendly by saying goodbye to traditional cars and trucks.

The president plans to replace the government's enormous fleet of gas and diesel-powered vehicles with new electric ones assembled in the U.S.

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Crossing the border just got a lot more complicated! Travel restrictions between Canada and the U.S. are ramping up this week and travellers will need at least two negative COVID-19 tests to return home.

Since the start of 2021, both countries have committed to cracking down on incoming travellers in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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