university students

Spending some of your most formative years in Canada's largest city will definitely leave you with some fond memories.

Toronto university students may not have flashy homecoming parties or wild St. Patrick's day events, but they do have endless bars, surprisingly active wildlife and faulty public transportation.

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In case you need an excuse to the escape the deep recesses of your textbook on Tuesdays, the ROM has a perfect (and FREE) solution for you.

In September, the ROM reminded us on Twitter that they offer FREE entry on Tuesdays to all full-time post-secondary students attending Canadian institutions, giving you the perfect opportunity to take that picture with the T-Rex that you missed out on because you couldn’t afford the last Friday Night Live at the ROM.

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Photo cred - sam cornwell

So apparently we slept through the first two months of the semester because there is no conceivable way it is already November. Regardless of what the calendar says, year after year we are never mentally or physically prepared for the battle that is the final month of the semester.

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