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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that's true, then obviously you're gonna need some nice curtains - the curtains being your lashes.

Now, some of us are blessed with big, bold and beautiful lashes. While some of us well, aren't. We all have different needs and here we've found the best mascaras to target exactly what you want in a mascara. Whether it's length, definition, volume, or all of the above, there's a mascara for that. We've also found some budget-friendly mascaras as well as some for the days you're feeling boujee and you wanna splurge a little.

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Everyone who loves makeup has their holy grail favourites. No matter how much it costs or whatever anyone else says, you will always still go to your favourite product.

The only problem is, if your favourite makeup product costs $60 from Sephora, it can totally add up and you can often find yourself a little tight on money.

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Eyeshadows were probably your first love when you started wearing makeup. All the colours, shades, textures, and finishes were absolutely mesmerizing.

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You know the feel. Every time you see those black and white stripes, you feel that exhilarating rush of excitement about blush and bronzer running through your body.

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Make-up addicts rejoice: California brand Urban Decay is set to open a free-standing store in Mississauga's Square One Mall!

This will be the second free-standing store in Canada (after a store opening in Burnaby, BC) and it is set to open on December 3, 2016. More Urban Decay stores will be opening all over Canada in the upcoming year, so we're sure downtown Toronto will get one in no time.

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