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Utah is absolutely obsessed with soda and apparently, a lot of us are only just now finding out thanks to the internet. Tiktok user Taylor Blender went viral in a video on "Sodie Culture" that amassed 3.1 million views and nearly 500,000 likes in a matter of weeks.

In her Tiktok captioned "Ask me anything about the Utah sodie culture", Taylor describes her experience working at a soda shop, and the enthusiastic customers she dealt with on a daily basis. She goes on to explain the specialty drinks which consisted of "two pumps of coffee creamer, four pumps of syrup, and the soda on top of it."

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Ever tried a science experiment at home and accidentally made a fireball in your kitchen?

No? Well, one Utah student can say he has — and his new "Rocket Man" nickname will probably follow him for the rest of his life.

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While the Grinch is busy stealing gifts this Christmas, a few lucky visitors will be keeping his cave warm on Mt. Crumpit.

There's a real-life version of the Dr. Seuss character's cave in Utah, and a few lucky people have already booked a night to stay there through Vacasa, a vacation rental company, ahead of Christmas.

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This canyon in Utah is covered in miles of ancient petroglyphs and pictographs that are an absolute marvel. 

Nine Mile Canyon, which is actually 46 miles long, is known as the world's longest outdoor art gallery for the archaic messages inscribed on its rugged cliffs

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One of the most mysterious things that happened in the infamous 2020 was the appearance of multiple strange silver monoliths.

Starting in Utah, these strange metal structures have popped up all around the world, and now they're back for more in 2021 after one has been spotted in North Texas.

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