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Vancouver is a metropolis with a lot of beautiful people in it, both inside and out - no one can really argue otherwise. With its laid back lifestyle and beauty, it is easy to fall in love with this city. But day to day, some Vancouverites can just drive you NUTS.

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One thing that sets Vancouver apart in the world is the rad folks who live here. We are a city that strives to improve. Proud believers in equality, diversity and inclusiveness, we are a collection of individuals who go the extra mile to help those around us.

What's most inspiring about Vancouverites is the unbelievable number of everyday people who commit themselves to making Canada a better place.

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It's no secret that this city is filled with tons of little quirks that all Vancouverites grow accustomed to after a while. So accustomed, in fact, that they don't even realize that they're weird until someone from outside of the city points it out. Believe it or not, eating sushi for every meal is not actually as common as you would think. Shocking, I know.

Whether you've lived in Vancouver for your whole life or have just moved here recently, anyone who has lived in the city for more than about six months will no doubt recognize the following things as being all too relatable.

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It's pretty much common knowledge these days that Vancouver has been voted one of the worst dressed cities in the world. Which is totally not true by the way. We just like being comfy.

For anyone who has lived here for more than a year, these nine articles of clothing are all too familiar.  They were most likely a wardrobe staple to you at some point, whether you still rock them regularly or not.

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According to the general consensus, Vancouver is not only the best place to live in Canada, but is actually the best city in the world to live in.

There aren't many other cities where you can be surrounded by beautiful, lush mountains, while enjoying a day at the beach, steps from your apartment building in Downtown Vancouver. We have both beautiful residential neighbourhoods and city skylines, lined with trees and densely forested parks. Not to mention, we're surrounded by oceans and lakes.

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