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Despite the global pandemic, resorts and casinos in Las Vegas are still going all out with their holiday decor this year in the most dramatic of ways, which is fitting because, well, it's Vegas, baby.

It's flashy, it's bright, it's Christmas, Vegas-style, everywhere, just fantastically splattered all over these casino grounds.

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Las Vegan's love ostentatious and over the top experiences, and this tour is nothing short of spectacular.

Hog Car Tours in Las Vegas lets you ride around the Strip in teeny, tiny bright pink cars for an epic Sin City experience.

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If you've fallen down the rabbit hole and want to experience something more out of this world, prepare to be amazed.

The Twilight Zone Mini-Golf in Las Vegas will feel like you've been transported to the fifth dimension!

The entire venue is 10,000 square feet and features "custom-designed" props and unimaginable artwork, according to the website

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Everyone loves a good light show, but what if it's something else entirely?

A Nevada resident took a video of strange lights over Las Vegas, and so far, no one knows what it is.

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If you wear pink every day and not just on Wednesdays, you'll love this spot. The Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas is a pink dream right now, and you can rent it out with your besties. It's literally fantastic. 

Are you ready to channel your inner baddie Barbie?

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