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Toronto is probably the best place to spend summer... or winter, or fall, or any season, actually. We've got tons of awesome things going down any day of the year, and there's nowhere else in the world that's like us.

But sometimes, it's really refreshing to just take a quick breather from the city for a weekend. Some place close, beautiful, and (yup) just as awesome as Toronto. 

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Ever wonder what goes down behind the bars of a maximum-security prison?

It's okay to admit it, guys: everyone's been morbidly curious at least once in their lives about the inner-workings of a prison. That's why Orange Is The New Black is so popular. (Also because Ruby Rose is all the goals, but anyway).

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There is no better thing on this earth than a road trip. That's a fact. I mean, come on, hopping in the car with nothing but the open road and a few friends... what could be better?

Although on a road trip, the key is often the journey rather than the destination... well, that's not always true. When you're going to an amazing place, the destination can hold so many more awesome journeys ahead!

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Straight-up, Kingston is pure magic. It's kind of like a town out of a fairy tale: it's got beautiful waterfront views, nice people, fun spots to visit (shoutout to Martello Alley, a cozy alleyway lined with art galleries and cafe nooks), beautiful things to see (seriously, that waterfront is glorious)... I mean, it even has its own symphony.

Literally, Kingston has it all; which is exactly what makes it one of the best places to visit in the summertime. I mean, spending the summer getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, hiking through a beautiful national park (with some of the clearest waters in the province), going on a cruise tour, and eating some of the country's best food? Yeah. Sounds like the ultimate summer destination, TBH. 

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What comes to mind when you think of Kingston? Probably that it's a small, quiet city. Right? However, it's so much more than just that.

Kingston is a small city with lots to offer. It has a big city feel, since there is always something to do and boredom never sets in. Kingston is charming, vibrant and thriving. More and more, it's becoming the place to be and visit, so why not visit for Canada's 150th? Kingston was the first capital of Canada, so it only seems appropriate.

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