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Off The Top: TikTokers have recently revived the enduring urban legend that you can vastly improve cheap vodka by running it through a Brita filter several times. Though that kind of sounds like alchemy for alcoholics, there might actually be something to the bold claim.

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TikTok’s “newest” hack promises to turn your cheap vodka into top-shelf stuff with the help of a Brita water filter.

Many TikTok users swear by the hack, and the trend has absolutely blown up over the last month. Basically, all you have to do is pour your trashiest bottle of vodka through a water filter and it will come out tasting better (or at least, you won't be able to taste the nastiness as much). And if you really want to get the effect, you just need to do it a few more times.

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Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca is calling on the LCBO to ban the sales of Russian vodka following the attack on Ukraine.

In a press release on Friday, Del Duca revealed he had written a letter to LCBO President and CEO George Soleas asking for immediate action.

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Let's be real, brunch is always top priority. I mean come on, when are you not thinking about brunch? And what goes the best with brunch? Mimosas, duh.

There's something about summer that just makes you want to drown your lungs in that crisp orange bubbly juice. Now that its fall, you still feel the same way. But we've got something even better: Caramel Apple Mimosas. Yes, I repeat: CARAMEL APPLE MIMOSAS. The best part is, they're stupid easy to make.

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So you've seen our watermelon jello shots, unicorn shots, and even our gin and tonic popsicles, and while they're freaking AMAZING (you should defs try if you haven't already) you might feel that they're too much work.

We know you're lazy AF. So are we (lol). So we have the fix! This boozy big bowl punch is the easiest sh*t to make and it's freaking delicious. It's fruity, sweet, bubbly, and most importantly, it's alcoholic.

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