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Spring is officially here and in Banff National Park that means that Alberta's bears are about to come out of hibernation. 

There are over 100 bears that call the area home and it's important to stay informed on how to protect both ourselves and the bears. We're all just hungry, sleepy creatures trying to do this thing called life, after all.  

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Dès l'automne 2021, une nouvelle émission de chant style karaoké débarque sur Noovo et la production cherche des participants dégourdis.

Repris d'un concept qui a fait le tour du globe, c'est une adaptation québécoise de I Can See Your Voice qui sera présentée sur nos écrans.

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If you’re struggling to remember any good news in 2020, Canada’s official Twitter page has got you covered.

In a new thread, shared on December 30, the country’s official page shared some of the best moments and accomplishments that came out of Canada this year. 

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The latest Bugs Bunny voice actor is actually a Canadian and he plays so many other iconic Looney Tunes characters.

Eric Bauza, a voice actor from Scarborough, Ontario, is the newest person to take on the role of the rabbit and he's been doing it since 2018.

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A travel brand asked its readers to rank American accents from "sexiest" to "least sexy," and the results are very specific.

Big 7 Travel's annual "Top 50 Sexiest Accents In The USA: 2020" ranks 50 different accents from all over the country — last year, their audience chose Southern accents to be the sexiest voice to hear talking at them, with Long Island coming in dead last.

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