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When it comes to tight election races in the United States, it never hurts to have some Dick Bigger energy on your team.

Democrat Susana Mendoza just so happens to have a man named Dick Bigger Jr. backing her re-election campaign in Illinois, and the internet simply can't get enough of this guy's name.

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It's Election Day In Canada, and if you're wondering when election results will start to come in, you may be surprised to hear that it could take a few days.

According to Elections Canada, all ballots except for mail-in ballots will be counted on election night, and preliminary results will be posted right away.

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It's election day in Canada, and Uber is offering a way to help get people to the polls.

The ride-sharing program is giving out a code that'll save you up to $5 on each trip while the poll stations remain open, according to an email sent to Narcity from the company.

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As it gets closer to the day Canadians go to the polls, Narcity spoke with Elections Canada to get all the details on how to vote in Canada's federal election if you're a student.

The Vote on Campus program, which allowed students to register and then vote at school, has been scrapped for this election.

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Voting Day has arrived for the Georgia Senate runoff elections, and one popular R&B singer just made a comeback to help encourage voters in the state.

Patti Austin, who is best known for hits such as 1981's "Baby, Come To Me," and 1984's "All Behind Us Now" has not put out a song in nearly five years, but it seems she decided to make a small comeback in honor of what could be a historic election.

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