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Toronto's favourite phallic-shaped treat has finally become a permanent fixture just off Queen Street West in Toronto.

Members Only Waffle House has transitioned from a pop-up outside of Frisaca to its very own storefront on John Street after "an incredible amount of support from the community," according to owner Kirsty Fan.

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One of Houston's newest Chicken spots just added a new dish that will undoubtedly attract lovers of Mac N Cheese and fried chicken.

The Waffle Bus, which originally started as a food truck, recently opened its first sit-down restaurant earlier this year and has been attracting Texas foodies ever since.

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Pancakes, waffles, and crepes are all the most blessed breakfasts ever created. Seriously, the genius that said syrup for breakfast was a good idea deserves an award. There is always a great debate around what type of person you are; pancake, waffle, or crepe. I am personally a pancake gal but I know someone out there reading this is saying "Ew why TF pancakes?! Team waffles all the way". 

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Yes, you read correctly, a shop that's dedicated to Hong Kong style bubble waffle cones has opened in Ottawa. I have been walking past this shop in the ByWard Market for months just waiting for it to open up and it finally has. 

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Let's be honest, there's never a bad time for waffles. A little syrup here, some nutella there, maybe a couple of strawberries. It's a sweet and fluffy serving of goodness. And Vancouver has a number of places that do a killer job of serving a killer waffle. 

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