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A waitress on TikTok was not feeling the Easter vibes this week, after revealing that she would occasionally receive Bible quotes instead of cash from her restaurant's church-going crowd.

That scripture-over-scratch approach didn't sit well with the more than 3 million people who watched her video, especially given how often people will donate cash at church.

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A TikToker is facing some major backlash for calling out her server online, after she shared a dinner receipt that shows the message "Do Better!!!" written instead of a tip.

The TikToker alleges that she received terrible service from her waitress while out for food at the Metro Diner in Matthews, North Carolina.

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Brunch - that lovely time of the week when you can gather your girl squad and get acceptably tipsy at 11 AM. It's fun, it's classy, and it's oh so instagrammable- until you have to work it. For any of you fellow servers out there that are stuck working the breakfast/ brunch shifts, I sympathize. We all know that brunch is just a code word for hell.

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Travailler dans un restaurant, selon moi, c’est une formation ultime que tout le monde devrait faire. Ça te met dans tellement de situations : du stress, des clients trop gentils, des clients trop capricieux, des clients trop invasifs, des collègues de tous genres... Bref, tu en vois de toutes les couleurs. Tu dois t’adapter comme un caméléon : de l’homme d’affaires qui exige un service impeccable, aux boys de la construction qui veulent juste rire un peu et avoir un service friendly. 

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