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Local law enforcement has issued a warning after a string of Calgary assaults in which women have been groped while walking alone. 

There have been 15 reported incidents since the start of November 2020 in both downtown and north-central Calgary, according to a news release from the City. 

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The Riverdale cast just had a coworker's birthday in style and the entire night was actual goals. From macaroons to dinner and celebratory chants, Lili Reinhart’s birthday was the ultimate Vancouver night out. If you see her walking down the street, be sure to wish her a happy 24th. 

The cast are in Vancouver and on the evening of Sunday, September 13, they were out making the most of the evening in order to celebrate Reinhart’s special day. 

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Since summer's still sticking around you may as well start checking off everything in the list of things to do before it snows. We all know once the snow hits the ground in Ottawa, it basically becomes hibernation season for most of us. 

From time to time in the winter we decide to brave the cold and do something, but once we head inside we automatically remember why we don't leave the house. Right now the weather isn't that bad, you can go outside for a whole day and come back in without any issues like wet socks or frozen fingers. It's time to take advantage of this fantastic round 2 of summer, here are 33 outdoorsy things you can do before the snow takes over!

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In the olden days, aka a couple of decades ago, a lot of jobs didn't require people to sit at a desk all day. Unfortunately, that's just not feasible in our modern world. We're all hunched over our computers, only getting up to go to the bathroom and maybe to warm up our lunch. But if we're working, how are we supposed to walk all day? 

It's not a new theory that sitting is the new smoking. It's been said for the past few years, and it's becoming more and more relevant these days. Several studies have been done and being sedentary most of the day is a risk of early death. 

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A lot of people think you need to break a sweat to have a real workout. That's definitely not true. While breaking a sweat means you worked your body hard and got your heart rate up, LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) is also really good for your body. 

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