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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy just honoured a heroic dog and "very good boy" with a medal, after the dog helped sniff out hundreds of explosives left by Russian troops.

President Zelenskyy awarded Patron the dog with a medal on Sunday at a special ceremony with several prominent guests on hand, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Boycotts keep targeting Stolichnaya vodka for seeming "Russian" amid the invasion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the brand has finally had enough.

The famous vodka company wants people to know that it is, in fact, a Latvia-based vodka company right now, and all the anti-Russian boycotts over Ukraine are hitting the wrong target.

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Prince William is catching some heat for comments that people are calling racist, after he suggested that war in a European county like Ukraine seems “alien.”

The Duke of Cambridge made the comment during a visit to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London on Wednesday. His wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, was also part of the visit.

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The golden arches of McDonald's are about to go dark across Russia.

McDonald's says it has decided to temporarily shut down all of its restaurants in Russia in response to the recent invasion of Ukraine.

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The global economy is getting worried about Russia moving into Ukraine, and drivers are about to feel the pinch.

War breaking out is a big concern in Europe right now, and it is hitting many people in their wallets at the gas pump.

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