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waterfalls texas

Of all the gorgeous water features that exist in the Lone Star State — including beaches, hot springs, pools, and more — there's nothing quite like the gorgeous natural waterfalls all across Texas that you can visit.

Some are located in Texas' state parks and require a hike to access, and others are on private property allowing for a more exclusive and tranquil experience.

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Hiking is a Texan's favorite pastime, apart from trying to keep cool from a heatwave or chowing down Tex Mex, that is.

There are all sorts of hiking trails in Texas, a couple thousand to give a ballpark number. However, each trail has its own unique feature — whether it be intricate limestone rock formations, an expansive view of a canyon, or a little piece of history.

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Just a stone's throw away from Austin is a whimsical nature center.

The Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center is complete with a short mile and a half hike that leads you through towering limestone caverns, and a 40-foot waterfall with some of the clearest water in Texas.

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