waterpark in texas

Living or visiting the central parts of Texas means there's not much access to the beach-like settings South Texans have. However, there's a waterpark in Texas with all the tropical vibes you could want.

It's located in Waco and it has giant waterslides that lead to a blue water pool, a surfing lake to master some huge waves and a relaxing lazy river that takes about 45 minutes to complete.

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There's a resort with an indoor waterpark in Texas and it is the largest in the United States. At a place given that title, you may think it's full of families and offers kid-friendly activities.

Of course, sliding on huge waterslides or visiting the adventure park can be a blast for anyone but, here, there are experiences exclusive to adults, including an escape inside a cave.

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The heat that radiates off the Texas sun during the summer is no joke. You can either stay inside 24/7 with the A/C blasting as high as possible or you can actually brave the outside world to find the closest, nicest body of water possible.

There are many outdoor activities to choose from across the Lone Star State, both natural and human-made, that are sure to cool Texans off.

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