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Calling all cat lovers! Edmonton is opening its very first cat cafe and we could not be more excited! And the best part is, the storefront for this cafe will be launching on March 30th... oh wait, that's today! Wow, just in the nick of time. We can already predict that 2017 is going to get even better.

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We can't believe we are saying this Edmonton, but spring is officially here! With the snow melting, and the grass finally revealing itself to the world, we could not be happier. Edmontonians have suffered enough through those long and weary winters and we deserve better! Time to embark on a new seasonal relationship filled with twice the fun, and we can replace those heavy parkas with leather jackets.

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Oh the joys of being in your 20's. It the most important years of our lives for it allows to explore our options and figure out who we are as individuals. We make mistakes, we learn them and move on from them. We fall in and out of love. We encounter some good people, and some bad ones. Our 20's are supposed to be filled with adventures and doing the unexpected.

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With Edmonton turning into an awesomely evolving city, we were beyond thrilled about this concept: escape rooms! For those who have not heard of them, let us enlighten you. An escape room is a physical adventure that requires members to be locked in a room together. As a team, groups must solve a variety of puzzles used to help them escape the room, all under a limited amount of time. If they complete their mission before the time runs out, they win!

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In all honesty, it seems that with each year that goes by, a new slang term is invented in Edmonton that all of us love to overuse. It lasts for the duration of the year or when another term comes into the scene thanks to a song (cough, cough Bad and Boujee) or a television show. No need to be ashamed of catching on to these terms, we've all done it. Don't lie.

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