weather in alberta

We might all be wishing for that sweet summer weather but if the latest summer forecast is anything to go by, things are going to get sizzling in Alberta in the next few months.

In its annual summer forecast, AccuWeather said while parts of western Canada will see near-normal temperatures and even slightly above average rainfall, prairie regions such as southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan should be prepared for an extra hot and dry summer.

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It has been a long winter but could spring weather finally be on the horizon in Alberta?

If next week's forecast is anything to go by, it seems so. Temperatures are set to soar in the province, reaching up to 29 degrees in some cities on Thursday, May 5.

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It's been a long, long winter, but Albertans can finally rejoice as warmer weather is right around the corner. The latest forecast is showing that parts of Alberta are going to be warmer than the south of France this week, so it's time to dig out your shorts and hit the patio.

According to The Weather Network, a powerful jet stream heading over the Pacific is creating high pressure in western Canada and it's the reason the province will finally be feeling like spring this week.

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