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The Weather Network has been sharing hilarious cards on social media that you can save and send to your loved one.

The Valentine's Day cards are perfect for anyone celebrating the day of love while enduring winter in Canada.

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Winter might not officially start in the province until December, but that hasn't stopped Ontario's first snowfall from coming way too early this year. 

It appears the forecasted warm weather of 2020 has already bitten the dust for some parts of the province.

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The weather is all over the place in Toronto and reports made by the weather network sure prove it. Temperatures will rise up to 27 degrees and feel like 32 with the humidity tomorrow. There's a slight chance of rain predicted in the forecast, which really does mean with the high temperatures - it will be hot as fvck.

Perhaps you should hit up the beach? Or go on a sail boat? Take advantage of this "Indian Summer" because it is seriously unseasonably warm in Toronto and it won't last for long as the temperatures will drop down to 12 degrees by the weekend.