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How does leather, rubber or olive oil ice cream sound to you on a hot summer's day?

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There was something so great about going to the grocery store with your Mom as a kid. You got to hang on to the cart while she did all the thinking, and every once and a while if you were good she would allow a treat to go in the cart. Back in the '90s there were so many crazy foods (if you can even call them that) popping up in grocery stores that it was hard to choose just one. However, most times we just begged and begged until our Mom's head were practically spinning. And the answer 90% of the time was no.

We always wanted to have the coolest lunches at school but most of the time it consisted of a bologna sandwich and a Minute Maid fruit punch juice box. Now, we can appreciate why our parents didn't want us eating dyed food all the freaking time but back then it was the worst thing in the world. So laugh along with this article and ask yourself now if you would still beg your parents for any of 20 these foods (note: I would still beg my parents for the McDonald's pizza if it was around. Just saying.)

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It's no secret that Toronto's food culture is one of the best in the world. Thanks to its extensive cultural diversity, you can find almost every type of cuisine in the city. In essence, Torontonians can get a taste of foods from all over the world without having to board a single plane.

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