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weldon park

If you live in Toronto you know that it's no surprise that the city is full of unique and beautiful restaurants of all kinds. The neighbourhood of Little Italy is known for restaurants full decadent food and their most recent addition is no exception.

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It's Friday! You are probably planning your night with your friends, by saying that you'll just go out for one drink at a chill place to then go home early and watch How To Get Away With Murder. Are you that naive?

This is what's actually going to happen:

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Photo: Maurizio Laudisa

The last weekend of February is upon us, and although the past 2 months have shot right by it just means that we're getting closer to spring, and who's not OK with that? exactly. Well here we are again with a list of things to keep you warm and busy this weekend so you have a few excuses to get out of the house this weekend.

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Photo cred - City Of Toronto

The first weekend of February is upon us, the groundhogs couldn't come to a general consensus on how many more weeks of winter we have left, however one guaranteed forecast I have is that there's 20 things to do in Toronto this weekend to make you forget about it!

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Photo: Ethan Yin

Well here we are, it's the last weekend of January! We've seen a bunch of big events come through the city in this first month of the year, and this weekend is surely not going to disappoint. Here are a sweet 16 events that you should consider checking out this weekend!

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