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west palm beach

A teenager was just arrested in Ontario after allegedly threatening to commit a mass shooting at a LGBTQ+ event in West Palm Beach.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

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There's a town in South Florida that has been filled with celebrity sightings this month, and it wasn't Miami.

West Palm Beach, Florida, had swanky soirées, new exciting homeowners, and top restaurant customers that you usually see behind your TV screen. However, this month, they've walked the streets of the Sunshine State, even if they are just visiting.

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It doesn't matter what time of year it is when the travel bug bites us, but all the better when there are deals while you're feeling inspired to go on an adventure. Delta Airlines' Black Friday flight deals are offering steep discounts, & the list of places you can go for cheap is quite long.

From the islands of Cayman to the Netherlands, Bahamas, Amsterdam, and Italy, the trips you can take internationally are offering some of the lowest rates you're going to see all year. 

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A new way to get around is in town, offering super affordable travel deals for a Sunshine State staycation escape. The lime green beauties at Flixbus now offer their cheap bus services in Florida that won't break the bank — and we think we might have found our next excuse for a vacation.

After establishing its long-distance bus service across 28 countries in Europe & cementing their place across the U.S. transportation scene, Flixbus has finally hit the highways in Florida as of November 21st.

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When it comes to sushi, you either love it, hate it, or love it so much you wish you could eat it in every form. If you happen to be looking for new sushi spots near Miami to spice up your #foodielife, this one serves some seriously delicious customizable options.

At Poke Lab Eatery, your sushi experience gets the Chipotle treatment, letting you build your own over the top concoction; you can even get a little flamin' hot action, with vegan-friendly options available.

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